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I appreciate that you're still making linux builds my g keep up the good work


When is the new update coming out publically


No bullshit, I cried alot during anything with Sissel. I really hope this game gets the recognition it deserves. #youdidthistomeSissel

This game is veryyyyyy cooooool

I have a problem when i was trying to play again. I start the game in mi phone and when i was going to load a save file, i find that all my saves were deleted, keeping just a few ones. Why could that be? Please help me

The same happends to me, i Guess thats how the phone version works because i have download diferent Versions of the game and Is the same so

I love this game so much It really pulls off a compelling story along with romance, and might I add that it actually feels like a gay romance not just a romance story where the protagonist just happened to be a guy it’s just not the same if your a girl great job keep up the good work can’t wait(in a good way)

This looks really good, but I was wondering how long it is to fully complete. I hope it's at least 2 hours long

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Trust me, the path I took was like 5-6 hours, it really pulls you in.

Edit: None of the paths are done yet, so there's still more in the future to look forward to.

Oh dude you have no idea i played this (without much interuption) for like 4 days straight and I still hadn't caught up to the point where the update was over but it all depends on who you go for

This is such a fantastic visual novel!! The storytelling is great, amazing plot, and such in depth character development.  I got totally lost in the story and cannot wait to see where all the routes go!

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you know i found out that the author shirokoi like to use song and soundtrack from anime natsume yuujinchou (its not bl or furry and although the anime is not to popular either but it's really the greatest anime for me), there is musicbox type song from opening in its anime season 6 called "floria" in sissel story, and after that there is also another soundtrack that called "Kimi ga Yobu Namae Yume no Tsuzuki" this soundtrack of piano is always great at making mystical atmosphere, well since anime natsume yuujinchou and repeat well technically had same gener(supernatural type)i can say that the soundtrack is great at making mysterious and calm atmosphere in this vn. But really i like musicbox part of floria the best i need to search for it cause i like how it's feels so relaxing when you hear it.

Yeah the music called hanahaki music box and slow piano XD

HHHHNNNNNNGG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! As soon as I can I am donating ridiculous ammounts of money to your Patreon!

do you have any other social accounts other then twitter and curious cat


Hey I was wondering if you were working on Philips route


i know right, philip is the one i have been waiting for. we know almost nothing about him

ok i have to know what is the song that plays for sissel after the date at the restaurant he takes you to when you... "leave" trying to make as little spoilers as possible qwq

If you mean the one that plays while the building is burning in the background. It's titled "Little Something - Vocals"

If you have groove music player installed, once you download the game all of the soundtracks will be added and you can see the names of them.
Most of them are listed as "Unknown artist" though which is a let down.

thank you ^w^

This is probably the first Visual Novel i've ever really played (unless corpse party counts as a VN) ..and i oughta say; this is just- incredible! i really like how it has a character-based focus- this certainly makes the game much more story rich, baa.. anyway- not gonna let myself ramble much more.. i'm currently playing sissel's route, if you'd like to see the latest clip of that check out the link below: 

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I love this game so much this is my first game of this genre and got to say loved it. 

Oh also if you have any other games that are really good please let me know.


I was digging around the game files for the game to look at all the great art and CG for the game and found some JPEGs and PNGs for Samuel. Is he going to become a route choice or is this a different ending for the Owen route or something?

Probably the cut content

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This Visual Novel is amazing, I just love everything about it, the characters, the added in Supernatural elements, just the hole thing. 

I do have a question though... where does the story take place? I kinda assumed America because that’s where I’m from (haha, us Americans and being unnaware of stuff) at first but then I really payed attention to the dialectal differences, like how Sissel says “Twat” alot, and then theres names like Jinevra. Euca kinda threw for a loop since his name sounds like a damn tree (don’t get me wrong, Euca’s a nice name), and Phillip’s surname, Tan, sounds Chinese. 

Is it supposed to be a more neutral possition in the world or in a specific spot?

I know this questions a bit weird but my curiosity is peaked

Euca? Tan? Granted I'm on Android only, but I don't know these names.

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Tan is Phillip’s Surname, and Euca is the protag’s Default name. Idk, maybe it was changed during developement at one point? :/ 

Well, I found out Phillips last name is Tan on the fanmade wiki, which could be an error. But I swear I heard his surname mentioned somewhere in game, maybe I’m just halucenating. (Edit, I think it was towards the begining)

I loved the emotion in the characters and the pacing of the story- I can't wait to get more into it.

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I love this game it's so "peculiar" (is that a good word?) in its own way, creepiness, hilarity, and gay romance mixed with a little character background WTF; strange combination that oddly works amazingly well. I can't wait for the next update as well as the full game coming out. Anyways I hope this game keeps going in a good path, good luck. (you should post some of those funny pics on furrafinity related to the game in the afterword.)

Does this have Android 10 support? Would love to experience this story but couldn't get past the part where you input a name (Phone told me it is optimised for older versions of android).


This is a Fantastic Game i really like it This is finnaly a Game where my charackter isn't and Idiot (No Dislike  for Others games ) I cant war t to next Update i Wish i Could Join In patreon But im only 12 so Parents Anyways good Game Jeep Up that good


I don't think this is a game a 12 year old should be playing .  You would probably have more fun playing the new Modern Warfare game,  even  though  it's  technically        17+.


it's their life they can do what they want

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If you would know what i have Seen in my Life IT was not good for my eyes and why Is IT Bad when i Play IT ? Because of the "teriffiying" corrupted wishes ? I'm not a Baby I know I'm 12 But I saw even More pervert Scenes and i dont want to dissapoint you but it's a good Game and I will continue Play it


I totally agree with you! This is not a game that should be played by minors.

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Look i dont want to insult you because im a nice Person but can you please leave for me what i'm playing or watching 


If you didn't mention your age than nobody would of cared. Learn from this and stop mentioning your age online.

OK sorry

hahaha boom!! nailed it bro! nice one👌

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i absolutely love what this game does im laughing my ass off one moment trying to hold back the tears the next then freaking out when i have that gut feeling something is gonna go wrong and then i spend the next few hours trying to make it not go wrong even tho i know that something is bound to happen and then i just..*uncomprehensive noises of fear and anger with a mixture of sorrow* i.. i just ant a good ending for them all..they all deserve it QwQ

ahh....damn sounds like a game where my heart and soul could broke again......

this game will heal the heart and soul and make you do a lot of self reflection on morality and other things if you take your time and play it through like it was your life like i did...i like to put myself in the story so when im playing i can really connect to the story emotionally...its different ill say but lets you kinda learn some things no only about yourself but about other people...even if its all a can learn how to deal with certain types of people irl i mean not all of them obviously but...well you get it i think

yes i get it... that's why I'm so hurt from the last vn I've played... i... i really put myself in the game and... yup there's so many lessons to learn but... I've been just fooling myself in the end... that's why i kinda need time to... heal💪 yah I'm strong i could do it... and im gonna download it now😃


I played this a long time ago, it barely had anything in it, i swore that i would return back to this game, and i just see that it still is going through updates!

This is a bloody masterpiece, amazing characters, long thick plot ;), plot twists. although i havent played all of what is new, i know it will be perfect, thank you for making this, keeping adding more on if you can, and when you are done, make a new one! :D 11/10  and i dont think a game will ever get more than 10/10 from me again! thank you, you amazing buggers <3

Well i completed everything else! I cant wait for more content!! <33


I don't think a review can accurately describe how fantastic this game is. Play it for yourself and see; I encourage you. I can really only describe it a VN that goes above and beyond in every aspect.

When is the newest update for Owen’s route coming out?

It's coming soon, in the next week or so. It was released on Shirokoi's Patreon a week or two ago, so it won't be long.




I'm just dropping by to say not only is the writing deeply touching, it is also very grounded in a way. I've only delved into one plotline so far, but everything is just so personal, you would absolutely root for the characters to get through to a happy ending. The plot reminds me very much of Madoka Magika in a way, now that I think about it. 

What got me absolutely on board was, well, 100% the BGM. The first thing I heard was Moonlight, then A Little Love, and even Continuous Drama ("repeat") on piano solo, all very familiar Chinese and Hong Kong songs that strikes deep in the nostalgia department. I'm beginning to think you're a fan of Joey Yung haha. Please keep this up so we can see through to the end.


alright, so apparently sending a tumblr dm at midnight because i was excited after finishing the novel and really tired is not the way to leave a review.
this visual novel is really good. There's a lot of character development here, and I really feel like each and every one of the characters is really thought out. Now I'm attached to the characters and don't want to leave the world of Repeat to face normal life......... that's how good it is.
If you're seeing this, play the game. It's really fucking good.


This game is incredible. It completely blew me away. I was expecting it to be so simple and have a bunch lewd scenes littered down my path with Sissel, but to my surprise it was so much more. The characters (especially Sissel) almost felt real and alive, more than just a character the protagonist is supposed to fall in love with, but more like a person on the other side I might actually fall in love with. 

Also the Protagonist is actually scarily close to my actual personality, which only enhanced the story even more for me, as i could see elements of my (irl) self in myself (in game).

Overall, Incredible game, great cliffhanger too.


I give u the tip of my hat off to u. This visual novel has been probably been the best thing I've read in the longest time. Seriously I have a lot of respect for ur efforts, truly its inspiring. I hope the coding part isnt causing u too much trouble! Because I've been on the other end of coding annoyance? (Can it even be described as that?) 

I cant wait to see what comes next ❤

Wishing u the best of luck as u continue with the project!


I absolutely love this game and I am in love with sissel😍. I saw this game is available for Android, is there any way to have this available for iPhones? 

I'm not sure if there's a way to run it on iPhones. But as far as I know, Android emulators are available on iPhones, so you might be able to run it using one of those.


This Visual Novel is absolutely outstanding, I cannot stress enough how much I love it. The characters are beautifully written, and I love each and everyone of them (except Dolores and the Remnant, of course.) I cannot wait until the next public release, and as soon as I get the money, I am definitely donating to your Patreon. 


These game is amazing and i love every bit of it. I just played this for 2 days but damn im already waiting for the next update :3

Deleted 61 days ago

Holy crap it was very well made and i loved it :D :D


My soul needs an update


is this a yiff game lmao


No. There are some yiff scenes in it tho

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This is so beautiful, I loved it. It has super funny moments, but it can also be very emotional. I am so excited and I can't wait for the next update.



God, I love this story! Just wish my phone would download the damn thing every time instead of when it wants.


Dude... This game is... ugh i love every single aspect of it. Seriously, i will never be able to describe how good it felt to cry as i watched the characters (mainly on Sissel's route, although i still have a huge crush for Phillip hahaha) develop and reveal more of themselves. Not sure at which point of Sissel's route i am, but dude.

The writing, the exploration of the characters, the funny moments (although sometimes i wish the scene would just stay serious but i feel like that only added to the overall experience). Everything's just so.. perfect it's almost incredible you're still calling this a WIP (even though i might understand why that is >v>;)

although i'm SO INCREDIBLY  HAPPY you left it free to download so far (cause really, it's like, super amazing and you definitely deserve some money out of it), don't be afraid to put a price tag on it, really, it'll be worth the price.

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