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Repeat is a nonlinear romance visual novel about what seems like your average city and a fairly normal school. However, supernatural forces and odd individuals lurk at every corner. Will you be able to uncover their secrets? Or will their inevitable tragedies strike you down first?

There are currently 3 dateable characters in-game, each with their own complex backstory and mystery to unravel. All are heavily WIP, with Sissel's route being closest to completion. Despite its in-progress state, Repeat (Visual Novel) currently contains over 100+ illustrated scenes!

Updates are uploaded here 7 days after release on Patreon, typically at a schedule of once every month. While the game is completely free, if you enjoy my content and wish to support me, feel free to donate on my Patreon here!

I am the sole developer of Repeat (Visual Novel), with all the writing, programming, and art done all by my lonesome. Feel free to follow me on the following social medias if you're interested in my work! (Twitter) (Furaffinity

Repeat (Visual Novel) has also recently opened a merch store! Shipping is only available in the USA, but check it out if you're interested! (https://shirokoi.e-junkie.com)


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Repeat-0.6.7-linux.tar.bz2 423 MB
Repeat-0.6.7-mac.zip 419 MB
Repeat-0.6.7-release.apk 455 MB
Repeat-0.6.7-win.zip 421 MB

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I just have to say that this was masterfully done and pulled at my heart more than I thought it would. I absolutely love how much care and heart went into the creation of this and I wait happily for further updates. I’m certainly going to support this when able. 



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My god,shirokoi,I have no words to describe how good is the new update,I love the part where sissil and the player both 😘 each ,and thet part where they trow thet bread on thet thing,no more spoilers for ya.

Shirokoi,I love you're visual novel,I hop you will do more visual novels after you'll finish repeat

And someday,let's hope around 2025 more ore less, il be able to support you.

I love you're work.

You are the best Shirokoi.🤗🤗

Bye bye


This is really good I've put 8 hours in to it. now i'm left with questions cant wait for the rest to be added. Also beautiful music  

Why won't it install after download?

What will the 0.6.7 update go to, which character? And when will it be released?

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Shirokoi you sly nugget you can't just put a Scott Pilgrim reference and have it go unnoticed.

I love the dramatic mixed with humor aspect great game so far.

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This game is sooo good,I could not take a break.

I think I played it in over 5 hours bat it was worth it.

The story was soo amazing and so natural

i literally felt like I was living the story

I can't wait for more things to be added

Ps:to be honest I wasn't too happy thet the "end" was "To Be Continued"

EDIT:in the next update,can you please make the "back,save,q.load.....etc" buttons bigger???they are so small I'm having a hard time pressing them.

That was amazing! I'm definitely gonna go play the other paths now, I'm definitely gonna wait for the next update

All I can say is it's masterpiece. Dudeee you made this so good <3 I'm playing Sissel route and can't wait to see how other rout's look like <3

I've played a previous version and after I completed it and came back to see if it updated I got to where I meat Owen and you have really matched the text to how they are now I LOVE IT

Is there or will there be a guide?

There is one on fandom, I believe.

Yay! It's finally on itch!!

My God this game it's a god damn master piece one of the best parts has to be the remant I got the chills every time I heard it's sound que fuck i hate that  thing. Amazing job


Really enjoying the story and can't wait for more. I recommend anyone with the ability to support this game and support the Patreon


That's a really great visual novel game experience, hope to see more of it. ;P


Real good story and art style. 

Can't wait to see more.


I wanna know if this has like straight up porn scenes on here as I'm using a school laptop and I don't wanna accidentally download porn.

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No STRAIGHT UP porn scenes I supposed... At least I didn't bump into any.

True there are some porn scenes, but you always have to pick the specific choices first. Those choices obviously lead you-know-where, so in contrary it's easy to avoid them all.


All of the sex scenes are optional and are obviously telegraphed in your dialogue options. Like "Jump in the shower with him" is obviously gonna lead somewhere naughty, so they're easily avoidable. However, I still recommend against downloading this on a school computer :P

I'm just wondering when the first update for the game is going to be

I'm somewhat far through the game, I think, and I've gotten so depressed because of the outcomes of the choices I made that I've completely shutdown for the day at least twice this week. What I'm saying is that the story and dialog are absolutely amazing, and the characters are very well thought out. 10/10

Yess!! Can't wait for more on Owen's route.

It has ? Scenes porn

this game/nuvel just make my ay much better, thx a loot <3

fav furry game two this and project aego if it continues >.<

I was curious as to went this would make it's way here. An amazing story joining any other amazing stories.❤❤

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Oohh Shirokoi is on Itch yeeeeeeeee I loved your game soooo muchh Sissel for Life 😍