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Repeat is a nonlinear romance visual novel about what seems like your average city and a fairly normal school. However, supernatural forces and odd individuals lurk at every corner. Will you be able to uncover their secrets? Or will their inevitable tragedies strike you down first?

There are currently 3 dateable characters in-game, each with their own complex backstory and mystery to unravel. All are heavily WIP, with Sissel's route being closest to completion. Despite its in-progress state, Repeat (Visual Novel) currently contains over 100+ illustrated scenes!

Updates are uploaded here 14 days after release on Patreon, typically at a schedule of once every month. While the game is completely free, if you enjoy my content and wish to support me, feel free to donate on my Patreon here!

I am the sole developer of Repeat (Visual Novel), with all the writing, programming, and art done all by my lonesome. Feel free to follow me on the following social medias if you're interested in my work! (Twitter) (Furaffinity

Repeat (Visual Novel) has also recently opened a merch store! Shipping is only available in the USA, but check it out if you're interested! (https://shirokoi.e-junkie.com)


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Repeat-0.6.9-win.zip 429 MB
Repeat-0.6.9-mac.zip 427 MB
Repeat-0.6.9-release.apk 463 MB
Repeat-0.6.9-linux.tar.bz2 431 MB

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This game gives me Life Is Strange vibes overall because of photography, time travel theme. But anyway the game is reallllly good the story line is exceptional. Only sad thing is I have to wait for each episodes (days) and I am very impatient T_T




I created an account to just say this game is amazing. At first, I came in expecting nothing much really, didn't think it would hit me in the feels at all. Hell was I wrong. It really covers a lot of emotions through all the characters, sadness being emphasized. Yes I even did cry a couple times. Love the game, and overall, excited for more. 

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Well, it can't be said that we didn't have a lot of fun playing this game. Thanks!

does this game exchange data between the newest and oldest versions?

I really love this game. I created an account to express my gratitude for creating such a wonderful game. Idk why but the characters are drawn in a way that they look so attractive and engaging. Especially the cg. I wish there was a cg gallery though, but overall, you did a damn good work. I'm currently engrossed in Sissel's route and am really excited for the next release. I just finished Owen's too and am really wanting for more. Again, thanks for making such a good game. I hope you keep that passion and continue on making this game the masterpiece that it already is. 💚

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played through Sissel's route best fucking ending for what it already has can't wait to see more when you update it this game is very sadding and funny at some moments i hope all this support from all these people who can help by donating to improve this game and the people giving emotional support sorry if i can't donate but i can say alot of nice things about this game like alot of the  story  is well thought and and gives an interesting aspect to the story and jokes are amazing top notch (even the main character doesn't agree i sure do) got to say i hope you will be inspired to make more of this game 2020 best game i've played by far this year


Wow. This VN is one of the best I've played in a while and I absolutely loved Sissel's route. I am looking forward to seeing more of this. Though I have a question, if I play this on Android and it updates. Do I have to delete the app and install it again or just download it?

I assume you just download it, but I might be wrong. On PC I just download it and put it in the same folder with the other versions I've installed, and it remembers my saves even though I'm playing the updated version.

Thank you 


10/10 would play through Sissel's and Owens route so far 7 times... oh wait, i already did that

I've sat through this from start to it's pending state in one go, and I just absolutely love all of it! I look forward to seeing it complete every step of the way~!

Same !


This VN is so good I took the time to make an account on here just to leave a review on it. It's honestly incredible how much work has gone into this, and it really shows with every scene and detail lining up perfectly.


I pray the image of the main character holding sissle's dick out of my mind

Hey this is a great game but may I request to enlarge the save, load, menu buttons etc? Its too small and hard to find, and or tap it. I also appreciate to save or load when there are choices, thanks!

This has been added in the newest update!



hope you enjoy the video <3 and stay hydrated <3


I love this game so far and im so excited for owen's and Phillip's paths.

When this game is completed it will be the kind you can play over and over and find new ways to love it all over again.

Hey, I need help. I've tried downloading the game but it doesn't work. It starts out as a compressed file, so I'm like "sure I'll extract that." When I check the new and extracted application, it doesn't work, something about the file not being there. So, I try not extracting and working with it then. Still doesn't work and by this point, I've downloaded the game for the eleventeenth time in a day. So what do I do?

gotta make sure all the files stay in the same folder so the it actually knows where everything is if you havnt already try just leaving it all in one folder

so how do I do that? I really don't know my way around computers.

Just download the game, and extract all the files to a folder on your desktop. Once you open it, you will see a ton of random files, you want to find the actual game launcher and open it. It should work then. The game launcher needs to be in the same folder as with the rest of the files, this is because all those random files are actually essential components to making the game run, and if they're not in the same folder it wont be able to access those components in order to run the game. It contains the music, images, data files etc. Games like you see on steam are the same way, the actual game launcher is inside a folder with all the game components, but steam makes a shortcut to this launcher on your desktop so less tech savvy people don't get confused when they open a folder filled with random files, and don't know how to launch it. If you want to be able to just have an icon to click on and run the game, put the folder with all the files in your documents (or wherever), and find the game launcher (should be an .exe file, if you can't see extensions look up on google how to view file extensions on windows if that's the OS you're using) and just right-click it and hit "Create shortcut".


Thank you so much!

No problem


Dear Shirokoi.

I had heard about your game a long time ago on youtube and itchio, but due to laziness I didn't play it or at least watch an entire gameplay.

BUT three days ago I downloaded it and decided to play it and I only have one thing to say...


(Watching anime and playing other things XD)

But seriously, "Repeat" is one of the most interesting Visual Novels I've found so far, and believe me, I've played many games and visual novels.

The only thing that hurts me is to see that it is not finished yet, but I see that it is not due to laziness, on the contrary, it is due to hard work and perfection.

I saw "Owen Cut Content" (I didn't know about the sex scene with Samuel, but I don't complain about seeing it XDXD), and it showed that it was old content for several reasons but most importantly it proves that your game grows and evolves with you, both in depth of characters, as plot complexity, and art.

Your game will surely be a 100% complete game, but I can say that it is a fact that will be worthwhile and will exceed our expectations.

I thank you that you have and are creating this fantastic work, and I recommend that you put a price on it when you finish it, this is one of those games that make you want to give your money for how gratifying and satisfied it makes you feel.


Firstly I really love the piano instrumental in the main menu it's wonderful I'd love to know the name of it.

Secondly I wanted to congratulate you on your body of work through this project, I really have enjoyed your writing and story telling and as a caring person myself I find a dear place for every character in your game.

Thank you for your continued efforts in this creation and also make sure to take care in day to day life as I know it can be hard to continuously be so progressive with these projects. 

Moonheart, based on a Chinese song 月亮代表我的心(The Moon Represents My Heart)
Here is the based song link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiFm7AWP9n4




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Finished Playing Sissel's Route And Damn I Love This Game. I Really Need To See The Ending Of His Route

Although This Game Is Hard To Understand In Some Way, -At Least For Me- It's Intriguing And Really Interesting.

Damn, Sissel Route Is Hell Of A Story.. I Should Play The Other Two And Expect The Best Of It..

No, Seriously- I Cried Over Jinny's [SPOILER]

I Hope I Clear All My Doubts After Playing Owen's And Philip's Route

Heh.. Messed Around With Characters' Names And Loved How Philip Didn't Give A Fuck When I Put His Name As Mine

i really love sissels route i do hope that it will go on for quite a long time and i cant wait for phillips route either

does philip have a scene before day 9

or only sissel and owen?

i loved the story so so much, heartwarming in every way~ 

Sissel is perfect

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Another game I have found too soon. ; - ;

Hella great game btw. I have play half a hundred of interactive novel games, at least ten of visual novels, and read almost hundred of books, and I could say that your game is really good.

The characters are so lively. I can feel joy just by reading it lol


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But i want this game continue, i “ended” a history and when it’s says “to be continue” you leave me an empty space on my heart but thanks for this awesome game :’3

Wait, is he not completing the game or something? I don't understand what this all meant:

"But i want this game continue, i “ended” a history and when it’s says “to be continue” you leave me an empty space on my heart but thanks for this awesome game :’3"



Where did his comment go?

He's not ending it, hes just working on one ro at a time lmao


i cant want for the owen update <3

What's new on 0.6.8?


All i care about is big boi owen, ama wait for an update for him :'(

same i want to see what happens 

me too can't wait to see more of owen

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hey i know it will be work but can you do voice acting? i really wanna hear sissel's voice he is my FAVORITE

I agree with you! Sissel is the best and his story makes me cry every time...

please help me download this file i use window

Hey,shirokoi,I have a problem with the new update.it wont install.i downloaded the file and then waited to find it (from unknown to repeat),then hit install and after some time it just sad installation failed,or not finished.

Can you help me?

I really love the story and characters,so I cant wait to try the new update.

Got hooked right away and I hope to witness a story well deserving of funding. I have only gone on Phillip's route but I love the game already.


I just came out to my mom today. It went really well. I cried. This game really helped give me the courage to tell my mom the truth and it’s one of the reasons that it is one of my favorite games ever!

Samuel is one of my new favorite characters and owen not just because Samuel looks like he has a big dick and so does owen but because they are hot i wanna date Samuel lol


go through the picture files for some reason theres "something" there


OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my god I need that scene lmao


Lol im obsessed i finished the game in two days i stood up till 3 A.M and it was a school night and i really like owen he is funny

Whenever I try to download it, my browser always got the Forbidden error. Anyone knows how to fix it?

that last update..wow..that was just so Beautiful.
Burning indeed...Burning bright.


I downloaded this just wanting to jack off. Instead i found myself laughing and crying along with the characters. This is truly a masterpiece! I was so sad when i hit the "to be continued screen" for Sissel. I absolutely adore this and cant wait for more! Love you Shirokoi! 

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