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Repeat is a nonlinear romance visual novel about what seems like your average city and a fairly normal school. However, supernatural forces and odd individuals lurk at every corner. Will you be able to uncover their secrets? Or will their inevitable tragedies strike you down first?

There are currently 3 dateable characters in-game, each with their own complex backstory and mystery to unravel. All are heavily WIP, with Sissel's route being closest to completion. Despite its in-progress state, Repeat (Visual Novel) currently contains over 100+ illustrated scenes!

Please note: Repeat development is currently on hiatus.

Updates are uploaded here 14 days after release on Patreon, typically at a schedule of once every month. While the game is completely free, if you enjoy my content and wish to support me, feel free to donate on my Patreon here!

I am the sole developer of Repeat (Visual Novel), with all the writing, programming, and art done all by my lonesome. Feel free to follow me on the following social medias if you're interested in my work! (Twitter) (Furaffinity

Repeat (Visual Novel) has also recently opened a merch store! Shipping is only available in the USA, but check it out if you're interested! (https://shirokoi.e-junkie.com)

FAQ: How do I update my game after a new build releases?

This varies depending on what platform you're on. If on Android, simply download the new build and install it. It should automatically update the version of the game you have installed. If on Windows/MAC/Linux, simply delete the old Repeat game folder and download the new build. Your saves are stored in your local files, so they should be retained after the update. 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Romance, Singleplayer, Story Rich


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Repeat-0.7.2-win.zip 439 MB
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Repeat-0.7.2-linux.tar.bz2 442 MB
repeat.release-702-universal-release.apk 477 MB

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Happy birthday, Shirokoi! (As far as I know, it's September 16th, same as one certain Black Cat aka Phillip). 

Thank you for your huge amount of amazing work. Sorry, I can no longer support you via Patreon - I live in Russia and we all know, how does the rest of the world treat us now... So I can't pay with my card or PayPal - all payments rejected. Maybe, soon I get new Visa card from Kazakhstan and then I'll continue my support. 

Best of luck to you!


A shame how the Western world has become hypocrite, rest assured. They can enjoy their own world, and those who are degenerated enough will respect anyone who are at a crossfire during the war. =D


is the devollopement of the game is still like going because its been a long time since it get the 7.2.0 maj  but this game is incredible 


They were working on a second project called temptations ballad but now they're switching their focus back to this project for a couple months


cant wait for next update

I really hope there is a Chinese version.

just noticed 2 of the images on this page are window mode screenshots.

When is the new version coming out


not sure but i can say he has reworked all the sprites so it wont be long for public release


aaaaaa i just can't wait this is awesome, i've been waiting for so long without playing it because i wanted to rediscover the game with the new sprites and stuff


if you become a patreon (which im not sadly T_T) you could get access to version 7.3.3 which has all of the chareters revamped

you know what, sure, let's spend money on the patreon, even tho i only have a part time job as i'm a student. Who needs food or money to pay rent am i right XD

Deleted 1 day ago

I just had an epiphone that the story owen tells you actually happens and considering what he said for phillip I'm scared for his route


It a shame this novel got abonden it was going to well


its not abandoned shirokoi is re doing all the current character sprites he also start development on a new novel call temptations balled


I love how the game could be sad but also hilarious.

Very well written. It has everything you can imagine. the story touched me emotionally. It's sad, funny and exciting. I was rooting for Euca to see if everything went well. The characters are well described and you feel like you know them. I really hope that it will continue soon and that I can read more. Sissel's story is my favorite.

Sissel is the absolute best boi.


oh Yes. I whas crying with him about his background.


Hey, when comes the new update? because i love this game sooo much <3

No one actually knows when the next public update will come out but it has been announced that they should be coming out soon. The reasoning is because it was somewhat recently announced that the game was going to be getting an Art overhaul. Again, nobody knows when they probably come out but it should be soon

Hey, Thnx for saying it

Good visual novel, one day it will be translated into Spanish? Cheers


omg i love this so much 

VN on hiatus?

(1 edit) (+1)

They spent a while working only in the other VN, Temptation's Ballad. But both projects are alive and repeat in particular is getting updated art.

i see, thamkss~

(1 edit)

I don't know if you know this yet, but in a way work has technically resumed on repeat, but not with new story content . Apparently, all artwork in the entire game is being reworked , from the Sprites, to the CGs. Basically, the entire game is getting overhauled, art wise, story-wise, again no new content there just yet. Nobody really knows when it's supposed to be made public if at all, but I heard it's supposed to be quite soon. Fingers crossed










So true.


thank you kind person

Cock won't what?

Here is the original inage for those of you wondering

I am absolutely loving these new sprites and cgs. I'm not gonna lie,the old ones looked too young for my taste and made the NSFW content hard to enjoy. The story is 10/10. Now I can recommend this vn to everyone.


How old are the characters, canonicaly? Anyway, Sissel's old sprites were perfect.


Owen is confirmed to be 19 and the other main characters, they are an unknown age but are thought to be a couple years younger than Owen. As for side characters, Samuel is somewhere in his thirties and one of the wishes is over 100 years old. All other ages idk

How do we play the new repeat version?


As far as anyone who isn't a patron knows, we'll have to wait until he decides to make them public . No one knows when the next update will be public because no information has been given on when said date will come


Does anyone know when ANY of the art overhauls will be made public?!


how do I enable them being nude? There's sprites for them suggesting there is one, but how do I enable it?


I literally cant wait for the next update 馃榿


Sorry to ask, but when is there going to be a new update?


They are re-working on the sprites and all, so this might take some time to get updates and also they are working on Temptation's ballad.


Oh ok, btw im a new Reader and when i looked at update history i just gets a little bit scared because i was thinking they forget about this vn

Yeah I feel the same, that why I usually check their Twitter to see if there鈥檚 been updates in there, if not then I don鈥檛 play it lol.

(2 edits)

shirokoi hasnt they're he is redoing the sprites...patreons have access to the new characters appearance



Hey, I was playing the game (Sissel's route) and there was this sweet musicbox OST (named Hanahaki, btw) and somehow the melody reminded me of something but I couldn't exactly find what

Turns out it's the exact same melody as the song "Floria" by Sako Tomohisa (which you could have heard in an anime called Natsume Yuujinchou, it's the 6th opening)

I'm glad I realized that !

(2 edits) (+8)(-7)

https://twitter.com/shirokoi/status/1487516841719345154 IM GONNA CRY, MY BABY WAS TURNED INTO A MUSCLEMAN ...banging my head against the wall. see its fine if its like a timejump thing but not my baby he was perfect T^T. gonna have to get used to this.

(1 edit) (+11)(-1)

From twunk to hunk... i'm fine. no, i'm fine. seriously, i'm fine. i'm fine... (sniffles)

i don't mind... i don't think i mind...



(1 edit) (+6)

yea im fighting my thoughts too, i liked the diversity before . if i wanted a hunk i'd go for owen and i'd go for sissel if i wanted slim. i expected the rework to happen ..thought i would be prepared for the results but nope.


Sissel went from cute to handsome XD not complaining on sissels new look i love it .. but i want the old Philip back he got buffed a little... I want the old one QwQ


Am I going to miss Sissel's old look? Yes, but I LOVE the new look he's got now. I can't wait to see more...

And now I want the update even more than I already did. I wanna give Sissel sooooo many hugs now.


Man, this ain't right.... Sissel was WAY cuter before than these new sprites. How the heck did he go from "homeless, barely affords food (his wallet is literally empty) Sissel" to "more buff than Owen who works out at the gym frequently"? Someone who hardly eats doesn't have a muscular body like that. Shirokoi better rewrite his route if he plans to make this sprite change. I hardly believe that musclehead Sissel can delicately work on his white chocolate sculpture for the culinary contest with those bulging pecs not breaking the chocolate between his fingers.


Is It impossible to release TWO versions of game? With new sprites and with old sprites? 

(3 edits) (-1)

Still hoping for this, https://twitter.com/shirokoi/status/1515507737756639232 owen looks so so so so much more different here and it just takes away THAT perfect feeling. The old art gives such a nostalgic/soft feeling which is what i loved about this game (i dont play Temp. Ballad cause im only really into Repeat style). His body looks amazingly lean and really fit, but in the new one hes looks like a more aggressive hulk/extreme body builder contestant (not saying its bad) . But they did say that its more difficult/time consuming drawing the old way..maybe im just that one gay who does like everything buff'd up. I do wish Sissel went untouched, specially with his lore being that he survived on the street and such.


Well, canonically, Phil would actually have muscle, mainly due to the fact that hes the black cat, as well as the....one scene in his route that implies he was kidnapped, he probably works out, and while yes, his original sprite is cute, i think shiro decided to go with a bit more realistic body types this time around, even cole (from temptations balled) has some kind of muscle


Apparently even Philip is somewhat hunky now. I thought he was supposedly a nerd who found physical activity was not his cup of tea? Everyone is so hunky! D:

I guess gays really love muscles... I hope there's someone's more on the chubby side too...


He was perfect before. Why?


Why thou? It's cute to see how buff he can be now, which is very,,,, unsettling with how the nsfw scenes go before..

I want to see that picture, but I don't have twitter, it's telling me I need an account to view it. It angers me (metaphorically)

Hey is there a discord i can join?


is there a good ending for Sissel? i got him leaving the city and leaving the mc behind


litterally just keep playing

its not the end

When are we going to see an update

I've been wondering that too. From what I understood, he released it to his Patrons weeks ago, and normally, he releases updates here only a couple weeks after that. Maybe something is holding him up.

whenever hes ready, i believe hes working on his other game for now because he wanted to take a break from this (i think the mood/writing of this story was affecting his health).

From what I heard from another post on here, he released an update for Repeat A few weeks ago to his Patrons. Mormally, he releases it to Itch a couple weeks later, but it's been much longer than it usually takes for him to post it here.

(1 edit) (+1)

yea i seen, phillip is more muscular now which for some reason i dont like..i really think the way their bodies looked before are perfect. for as long as i played this game it reallyyyyyy caught me off guard had to do a double take lol

Has he given any idea on when non patrons are gonna see the update?  I'm heavily considering finally becoming a Patron of his just because what I saw on his Twitter of Sissel's has me wanting to play the update really bad. XD I know it's an art only update but I really wanna see. Lol.


I wonder if Phillip will remain just a friend in his route. Would be interesting.


SPOILERS:https://e621.net/posts/3176815?q=shirokoi, https://e621.net/posts/3176792?q=shirokoi

he's redone some of the older scenes so this could be a sign of things to come

(1 edit) (+1)

He's posted those over on his Fur Affinity account too. I'm excited to see what else is going to change when the update is ready.


This game made me wanna get the nuclear launch codes

i can't tell if this is a good or a bad thing


I hope it won't be too much longer before the new update comes. I've missed this story a lot. Also curious who's getting the update. I'm hoping it's Sissel, just because of where things ended with his route,  but I also know he's the farthest along,  so it wouldn't surprise me if it were one if the other two.


bunny man hot


un owen was him?

i hate you 


I love that song :D



playing this right now and i have to say that i am enjoying it so far!
Some parts made me jump and gave me chills down my spine like damn!
I recognized some of the tunes in some of the scenes.
Like a popular chinese song for the scene with the flowers and Animal crossing tunes here and there
made me smile


This game is so amazing

(1 edit) (+2)

Quick question about Sissel's route (From what's currently there) is the current dead end of the story a cliffhanger or anything of the likes? I would like to know before I make a full commitment to playing through the Story so some insight would be nice

Thanks OwO


Its the most progressed one with the most content but its still unfinished by the looks of it


(1 edit)

Yes I know thanks, but I wanted to know if the current status of the Route ends with a the start of a climax or if it ends when things are calmed down


It doesn't end in an awful point that leaves you screaming for more it ends well enough its not torture waiting for the next update even if its a while away.

He updated some of the older art for the story so i think he's going to update this again now and not the other story.

Deleted 170 days ago



I gotta report you now dude, wtf!?


What did i do馃槶


This game will get an update? i want see the continue of sissel story... and see the other ones too.. 莽.莽

Yes this game will get an update. Hes working on it.


I was completely amazed by its excellent style and design!

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