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Wonderful VN of Temptation's Ballad, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't wait for the continuation and what comes next.

The story is beautiful and also funny, especially with Sidd's mum when she is annoyed/angry and when Artemia doesn't know what subject Cole is talking about.

Small question, will we see funky scenes from Grank & Cole in the future? Because curiosity is eating away after Cole chatted it up with his friend about Grank.

Something tells me that Noodle is going to be a hunky anthro when he gains enough strength.

do you know when 

the next update is


I don't think

anyone does

that is

extremely unfortunate

Its going to be a while since they put this one on the back burner and are currently working on their other VN "repeat"

Nuuuuuu why you do that to agatha, I really like;;w;;

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When i heard the lullaby theme i thought its sounds familiar. Its the 43rd Song from the anime log horizon .

THIS IS SO GOOD NGL THE STORY IS AAAAAAAAAA ( Hoping for the next update :p )


I cannot wait for the next update! It was just getting really good too!

will there be an update soon?

I don't think so since the dev moved their attention a different VN "Repeat" its just as good though.

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i LOVE the scene where Cole beats the everliving shit out of the wizard bitch.
its just amazing. 

The scene where Illa(Sidds' mom) says "YOU CAME TO THE WRONG HOUSE, FUCKO--"
MMMmmmmm Yum yum yum yum yum yum


I almost feel bad for the dude, I hope he turns into not a spoiled brat, but that scene was the best.

I kinda wish she was my mom lmao

Will Artemi have a sex scene?

Most likely not, but because of the argument her and her mother had, there might be.


Can't wait to see the next chapter, hopefully you can finish current Repeat progress well and eventually come back...really tho im eager for next update so i'm gonna sit here like big sack of potato waiting to rot ( ;-;)..nonetheless take your time as always, health is the priority as well.

Chapter 2s backbone library or however its spelt is hilarious... I love you for it.

I hope the game gets updated

He's going back to the other game, so this one is on hold again for now.




Vile Human!  How dare you write a “To be continued” text in the chatbox after shed tears and laughter at the same time!

I command you to finish this wretched story up or else I'll give you a thousand years of bad luck!

Make it quick so that I can see how noodle will dominate this world with his demonic power!

I can already feel his power rushing through me, I command you for I, (sinister name) want to see the ending!!! 


this masterpiece rocks!!!!!! awwww all the characters are so cuuttte and the story is such a high quality one. Haven't experienced such a dope VN for a longg time and it's freeee!!! keep on working on it!! can't wait for more of this!

Aww hamish is my favorite, i want to see how his story unfolds


i can't say enough for how high quality of cg and story ya have made,just astonishing,everyone,stop jogging around,just read the masterpiece already,sorry for lack of word tho

Okay, so, me personally, I want to see more of Knight Commander Grank's and Cole's interactions


i definitely wanna see them "interact" thats for sure

Oh and the plot twist was mind blowing 🤯 i didn't see that coming.

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I hope in the next build we have a one on one moment between Artemi and Ilia. She is the only one that can help with Artemi's emotions. Artemi needs a mother figure to help her, the one thing Artemi's mother couldn't give to her, Love.


Don't worry about TB. We are glad that repeat is back and be able to see much more about Sissel and Euca. We can wait for TB all the time it takes you to continue it


Why does Cole hate Hamish so much? He's such a paw and treats Cole well, a real loving father


Hamish is legit husband material, idk how any child would hate a father like him 😭


Pretty sure its cause Hamish is the father that puts his foot down and disciplines Cole


And probably because Cole doesn't see Hamish as his "real dad." It's the same reason so many children reject their stepparents, even when they've done nothing wrong. Parentage is a touchy subject for many people.


Yeah, probably a mix of both. Doesn't see Hamish as his dad, and thus doesn't respect his discipline.


I loved every second of it. I started to cry when  I was done


Great work, one question though,

How heavily inspired were you from DnD?


Is the book Cole mentions, "The First Collier" a reference to "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole" book series by chance? :3


This is so different from all the other VN I've played before, It feels like as if I'm watching an anime or something lol, The motions are drawn so good, cool work :D


I play a lot of furry VN, and this one is one of the best in my opinion. I noticed on your patreon membership descriptions it mentions early access to repeat. Is that also true for temptation's ballad?


Generally yes, however Temptation's Ballad is currently on hiatus while I return to working on Repeat for several months. Sorry for any inconvenience! ;w;/

Is this still being worked it uas been a while since the last update, any news on that this vn is rlly good and i hope to see more...

(I’m writing this to get it out of system)

TB was GOOD until it wasn’t

I wanna say that at first,i downloaded this game thinking that it would be a funny gay furry sex novel (and it was kinda)

but then chp1 gave me the plot,characters and intrigue! (And hot himbos)

Then the chp2 gave me more of it and got me hooked to see more

And then chp3 just ruined it! It took the plot and started to stretching and stretching and stretching it until i was so bored and done with reading that i closed and deleted the game! And yes you can say that you just needed to take a small bites out of it instead of trying to eating it whole.

And now im just kinda sad, dissapointed, little angry and… Strangely still somewhat happy?

Even though chp3 was in my opinion kinda strechted out and messy (and i didn’t even finished it), i still liked 1 and 2 chp and may still recomend it to someone.

(Also was there any sex scene in chp3?)

Also i wanna apologise for my bad english, im writing it fast and on emotions

Quick question, where did you end up stopping? There are 103 illustrated scenes in Chapter 3 alone, and I'm surprised none of them managed to interest you in any way ;w;


I stoped at the scene where Cole was angry at Hammish for being a hypocrite and not telling the truth.

As again, i want to say that i liked your novel! But i think i liked it as a single story per chapter (Like the chp1,2) With a start-midle-end. And chapter 3 was like that until the midle started go on and on and i wasn’t prepared for it bcs i get used to previous chapters, i got tired of reading and closed it. … so yeah that all

Ps still i think the novel is good and Ilia imo is literally the strongest being in that world! rly! (]3ASED ]3IRD M O M)

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Wait..there's 103 scenes??? Omg I think I got like 50 and I finished the game up to latest update. Either that or I can't count who knows XD

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Is the gator guy a date option, I like his design a lot 

This isn't really a VN with "date options" but he is part of Sidd's growing harem.

No gallery in the android version is disappointing, but overall I love it


Who is the Bottom and Top?




what Yes?

Based on my experience with the game, here's my answer:

Cole (Hyena) is the dom, he usually power bottoms but he sometimes top

Sidd (the shy canine) is a total sub, unless he gains a lot of confidence through the story he's going to keep being a pushover that bottoms everyone and don't know how to lead

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I need something explained.

I'm on my Kindle, using Ren'Py to run android apps. I'm updating to 2.4 from 2.3, and when I continue from my last save, I am brought to the author's note right away. Please help, I want to experience 2.4

Came for lewds, stayed for the awesome story! Soundtrack is pretty good as well. Looking forward to more!

holy shit, just sat down to give this a a try... and the 'pirate-dance' track is kind of a hit! where'd that come from??

This is so entertaining, I greatly look forward to future updates!


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