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Temptation's Ballad is a fairly linear visual novel in a D&D style medieval fantasy setting. Three idiots from vastly different backgrounds band together in an adventuring party to unravel the magical secrets within the city of Axia. Together, they battle demons, seduce locals, and learn a little about themselves along the way. And probably cause massive property damage.

Patreon members will gain access to updates a month earlier than the general public.

This game will contain NSFW lewd scenes between male characters. These scenes pop up occasionally throughout the story as characters grow more intimate. View at your own discretion. It's very gay.

If you like my art, feel free to follow me on Twitter here! And if you'd like to support me on Patreon and gain access to monthly updates, you can do so here. Thank you!

FAQ: How do I update my game after a new build releases?

This varies depending on what platform you're on. If on Android, simply download the new build and install it. It should automatically update the version of the game you have installed. If on Windows/MAC/Linux, simply delete the old game folder and download the new build. Your saves are stored in your local files, so they should be retained after the update. 

Please note that the Android version is not stable on all Android devices. It is recommended that you play the PC, MAC, or Linux versions when possible.

Updated 29 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, Erotic, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, Romance, Singleplayer, Story Rich


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TemptationsBallad-0.2.4-linux.tar.bz2 151 MB
temptationsballad.vn-release.apk 162 MB

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No gallery in the android version is disappointing, but overall I love it

Who is the Bottom and Top?


what Yes?

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I need something explained.

I'm on my Kindle, using Ren'Py to run android apps. I'm updating to 2.4 from 2.3, and when I continue from my last save, I am brought to the author's note right away. Please help, I want to experience 2.4

Came for lewds, stayed for the awesome story! Soundtrack is pretty good as well. Looking forward to more!

holy shit, just sat down to give this a a try... and the 'pirate-dance' track is kind of a hit! where'd that come from??

This is so entertaining, I greatly look forward to future updates!



Is there actual a main character to play as instead of having to play as all three?




the only visual novels i will ever play are Temptations Ballad and Repeat <3


While Temptations Ballad and Repeat are both good (at least imo), there are a lot of really other good ones too. To name a couple newer ones I enjoyed, Lust Shards and Soulcreek, and some older ones like Santa Lucia and Echo. I started with Repeat and after that I just branched out and learned about more. I don't regret it either. The Furry VN community puts ot some great top tier stuff

You know, compared to other VNs, this is the most bit sized VN game that I ever download!


played it in one sitting, and loved it! marrow and hamish are the best, i wish they had more sprites, they deserve the world


i just finished all the way up to the people just fainting. I really really love this game and would love more content on it. Its just so amazing



What is the song called in this scene?


Sidd's theme. It's in the game files as sidd-theme.ogg


The story building is flawless and the character development is to this truly is a one in a million diamond of a story game, I seriously can't wait for the next update and for the story to continue!


I love this VN so much! But how do I get notified when an update comes out?

Click the follow button on the main game page on the top right. It sends updates in your email! May send updates about different projects the creator is working on, though!

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I forgot to comment when I played this a few weeks ago, but this is seriously one of my favorite VN's... ever! Not only does the setting make for a really immersive experience (and is one of my favorite types of settings to explore), the story and worldbuilding makes it an experience you won't forget anytime soon.

Truly, though, does nothing stand out more than the wonderful cast of characters. I don't think I disliked a single character, including the side characters. All of them are just so likable, funny, interesting, charming, etc. I could keep going about what makes the characters just so good, but then I would be here forever, lol! (Personal favorite being Artemi)

Will be keeping up with TB for sure!

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When I try to update it It says app not installed as package conflicts with an existing package also I'm on Android if it helps


anyone who is interested should check out Temptation's Ballad's PDB page 


it could really use some votes on the profiles


Each of the characters even the side ones are so well written, clear personality differences and each one is so well rounded. I also love the dnd setting of the whole VN as I'm a player and DM myself. Can't wait for the next update. Will definitely give this one my support.

Good that Cole is facing his actions but some of it is unjustified. He did have to go through some shit in that household.

version 0.2.3 no longer works for windows problems with rendering never had this screen or problem before. WHYYY!!!

Unrelated to the game itself, sorry. The description says that "If on ... Linux, simply delete the old game folder and download the new build. Your saves are stored in your local files, so they should be retained after the update." Now I don't know how it is Windows or Mac but on Linux the game saves are saved within the game folder, in ./game/saves. In order to update on Linux you should just install the new version and manually transfer the save files over and then delete the old version if you so desire.

AFAIK. Renpy should have both local and global (central) save folders on all platforms.

Local being in the game directory and the global directory should have save folders of every single game (on Windows AppData\Roaming\RenPy).

On Linux the global directory should be ~/.renpy/game_directory.

BTW. If you ever want to nuke saves for a game, you need to delete both the local and global save folders for that game.

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This was beautiful 


I just downloaded and played the latest update….. just. WOW. The character development for Cole is so good. And the way  he had that talk with him, Sidd is peak boyfriend material. Although it’s small, I loved this update! I look forward to the next one!


Comedy and adventuring VN


Some this month the next version?

maybe something with Sidd after the win?

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Shirokoi, you are amazing with the VNs you put out. The art and writing are amazing, from the settings, to the plot and its twists, the character building, and especially the dialogue, there are so many moments throughout both of your vis novs I've played where I just go "Aww" from adorable moments and silent lines. Once I can, I will definitely send some support through patreon. 


I had so many doubts when I first saw this vn but I really don't regret ever giving this a big fat chance. This is so amazing and deserves a full on support!


words cannot explain how amazing this game is πŸ₯²

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I think the opening to Spy x Family fits the Bonebreaker family so well. After listening to the song(which basically describes the Forger Family) it kinda fits them too because they kind of mirror Loid, Anya and Yor(who are a spy, psychic and assassin). In this case the family consists of a Barbarian(Marrow's class), a Ranger/Hunter(Hamish) and Bard(Cole), and all have their secrets which they hide from each other, but theyre just as much as a real family just like Loid, Anya and Yor. The song reminds me of them so much.

as to what secrets the Bonebreaker family is hiding i'll avoid saying here because spoilers


To tell you the truth after I finished the most recent update on here I can understand why Cole have trust issues honestly I have trust issues myself so I understood why he did what he did but I still feel more like Sidd and I know I may be alone on this one but I hope him and Cole end up together but I can see how people might think that Clyde and Cole should end up back together by the end of the story and I also hope Hamish doesn't turn out to be the villain by the end of the story.

Why Hamish thought???

did you read the most recent update because as for me that's what I'm getting from the Creator of the visual novel has written so far I love Hamish but he might just like Cole for what he did but like I said in my previous comment on the novel I sympathize with Cole again I hope I'm wrong


friend recommended this vn and i can't thank him enough for showing me this great vn u did a amazing job hope to see more amazing content of u in the future


what a great gream!l wish my english was better so l could enjoy this game

Deleted 56 days ago
Deleted 56 days ago

Bring back repeat 😭

Already has for Patrons. Just wait.

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Great update. Chibi Hamish was so cute. And I guess Cole will never let "Lord Merrick" hear the end of it now.


Merrick O shanessy.....


happy pride month


This VN has got some of the most incredible art and chemistry between the characters I've ever seen. 



ngl this is probably the best vn out there in terms of story and art. The characters are just so lovable and cgs are well made and hilarious when they need to be. overall this has a lot of potential and i cant wait to see what is next.

Also, repeat is also a great vn and i cant wait for the art rework. πŸ˜€


Happy Pride month everyone!! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Gay times ahead uwu


I'm wearing socks we're good


uwu indeed

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let's hope for the heaviest rain(for just a day), so that the biggest motherf***ing rainbow appears.


I have socks as well. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


so sock is a thing for us? i admit i'm brand new to all of this so i wasn't aware.

that or sock isn't a gay thing in France.


ok sidds theme sounds REAAAAAAAALLLLLLY FAMILIAR, i KNOW its some chinese song ive heard some years ago

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