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Temptation's Ballad is a fairly linear visual novel in a D&D style medieval fantasy setting. Three idiots from vastly different backgrounds band together in an adventuring party to unravel the magical secrets within the city of Axia. Together, they battle demons, seduce locals, and learn a little about themselves along the way. And probably cause massive property damage.

Patreon members will gain access to updates a month earlier than the general public.

This game will contain NSFW lewd scenes between male characters. These scenes pop up occasionally throughout the story as characters grow more intimate. View at your own discretion. It's very gay.

If you like my art, feel free to follow me on Twitter here! And if you'd like to support me on Patreon and gain access to monthly updates, you can do so here. Thank you!

FAQ: How do I update my game after a new build releases?

This varies depending on what platform you're on. If on Android, simply download the new build and install it. It should automatically update the version of the game you have installed. If on Windows/MAC/Linux, simply delete the old game folder and download the new build. Your saves are stored in your local files, so they should be retained after the update. 

Please note that the Android version is not stable on all Android devices. It is recommended that you play the PC, MAC, or Linux versions when possible.


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TemptationsBallad-0.1.8-pc.zip 114 MB
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TemptationsBallad-0.1.8-linux.tar.bz2 102 MB
temptationsballad.vn-108-universal-release.apk 115 MB

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Hey, Shirokoi I have a question for you when you go back to Repeat will you change how the game looks now because it looks a bit old but still looks good and I would like to see if there's a new look for the game?


Not to shoot you down homie but I think that would be waayyyyyy too much work, he'd essentially have to redo the entire VN

not without help, I did not say he can't have the time to work on that if he does do that but I hope it does happen I would like to see what it would look like :)


I'm really enjoying this, the comedy doesn't mess up the flow at all and always gets a laugh from me. Though I am hoping that Malus gets "accidentally" stuffed into the wrong area of Cole's loincloth for a steamy situation 

OMG I'm addicted to theme song at chapter 2 about Marrow and Hamish character info, what's the song title?? Anyone know?


I haven't played much of this game so far but my favorite character 100% is Noddle. He is just too fcking adorable....

I love this so much! Amazing work so far!

Would you be interested in a donation in any CryptoCurrency by any chance? (I’d throw in some extra to make it worth it.) I’d donate to you through itch, but this identity is strictly non-KYC so can’t do that unfortunately. Love both of your visual novels either way! 😅

so do the new itch builds just come out when the next patreon build comes out?

i dont think so, it said patreon gets builds 1 month before the public release


This might be my favorite VN so far

I love the characters and the artwork and the story!!!

F R O S T & R E N-  my mind has been blown. found out today.  A wild journey indeed. 

I'm just wondering; who's Coles mom? Or is that a plot point we're just gonna unravel as the story progresses?


At the end of this chapter, it kind of references that Cole may not have a true "mother".


I saw someone on twitter say Mpreg


oh no


True it hints the marrow was a mage and somthing went wrong that cost him his eye.


holy shit! Sidd's mom is an absolute girlboss!

Grunk~ .... i'm curious of him, especially after he made me feel butterflies in my stomach when he whispered into Cole's ear

Marrow and Hamish are undeniably cute and wholesome togather, i hope Cole can accept Hamish as a father and call him as one in the future, and i hope Cole can come out to his papa that he's a mage(since being a mage is clearly a metaphor for being gay)


I've been voraciously playing through this since I downloaded it last night. It ended unexpectedly just a half hour into my shift at work. 😂 I'm so in love with this VN and the characters, particularly the Bone breakers! I eagerly await the next update!!

i can´t download the game can someone help me please


I'm currently in the middle of chapter two, I really hope cole stops hating on hamish :( I really like hamish and I know he cares so much about his son but cole is always so mean to him :( hope cole sees that his second yeen dad is proud and cares about him (also I hope we get to see sidd in a loincloth uwu)


Yahh!!! I kinda feel bad for how he treats Hamish


I'm also very scared about how Cole might treat Sidd given Cole's horny and asshole-ish way of being. Sidd is too innocent for this, I don't want him to get hurt :(((

i mean it shows pretty early that Cole does care for Sidd's feelings and prefers that they dont become a thing because hes not great at the "feelings department"


there's a change in those dynamics later on

(1 edit) (+1)

Your story writing is incredible for Temptations Ballad, I look forward to the updates. This should be a Netflix series minus the OwO parts lol


Keep the OwO scenes to assert dominance

(1 edit) (+2)

I just love this game and can't wait for more. First time playing it in a long while and love the addition of Malus. "H-How dare you degrade me with such a cute nickname!" and with that face! XD love it!

Mmm I kinda want some instant noodles

*looks at Malus*


Gotta say, that slight twist to Cole's backstory in this update definitely made his character more interesting. 

Loved this update by the way!

Any way to see past sprites again? There's stuff I can't remember about Cole that I'd like to check =)

Fancy seeing familiar faces here, Tucker :D


Haha indeed!!


I loved the latest update, I'm still surprised by how consistently great the flow of the story is. Can't wait to see the outcome of Sidd's situation, and Clyde's as well


Oh, Marrow's a berserker barbarian? My condolences for his, to put it lightly, less that stellar 3rd level feature.

D&D nerding aside, love this update.


For Sidd: F

For Artemi: NO!

For cole: yes, bat woman sus


omg i can't even with this new update, the way sidd just plucked Artemi out of the crowd was everything 

fujoshi artemi HAHA

is there gallery or something?

when I download the windows version it keeps saying failed when it's done??? Can somebody help?

Deleted 49 days ago

I downloaded 0.1.7, but there is no new chapter. Only chapter 1 and 2 is still available and I've finished them. Am I just stupid, or is that all? Because I see content on youtube wayyyy ahead of what is currently in the game. Can someone please help me!!!!


So if you look in the description it will have a link to his twitter and his patreon. On his patreon you will see 1.8 is available, but only if you choose to support. You can also see updates on the patreon to when he'll post a new build, and on the twitter he posts nsfw stuff and life updates. Currently according to his twitter it seems hes sick with something. Hope he feels better soon 103 fever (and in the beginning of summer no less) is no joke.


Very enjoyable read! Love the characters and their interactions so much!

Would accept donations for this in cryptocurrency (not Bitcoin)? I don’t need a purchase receipt or early access, but I’d very strongly prefer not binding this to my civil identity so if there is any way to support you please let me know!


This VN was quite fun! I really enjoyed reading it. All the characters have a relatable personality and circumstance, and I can't help but feel as if this tale could be true (even though everyone tends to be gay in it, not that im complaining hehe).

Im so jelly. Wish I had a father like Marrow. He's so supportive.

(2 edits) (+2)

Truly a beautiful piece, constantly makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The story is very well written, with immersing plot, good character development, and great comedy. Characters have good designs, the artworks and sprites are nicely drawn. Sometimes I even feel you're being very generous with how many variants there are. I can't tell if the music are originally composed, but they work well too. With an UI that isn't the default design and perhaps even a gallery section, this will be a 11/10 visual novel.

Now with the professional review done...

Omg why is every single guys in this game so hot and charming. I love them all so much pls give me moreeeee

This is such a well written VN, and I really enjoy it, but when is the next update?

So is there any fighting or is it just dialouge?

just dialogue!


Please, in the future you can add the button to hide the text (on android)?

can't wait for the next update ^^

Grank is starting to flirting with Cole. He said he Cole is not walking straight again his butt in pain .🤣🤣🤣


Everything about this visual novel has my heart in a flutter. I greatly support this with all my heart and if I was able to use patron and my money you could have it all. This is honesty with a cherry on top yessiree!

HOLY CRAP. I must say, this update was HUGE. This novel has taken my heart and it's hilarious. Keep up the good work, and I'm sorry that I can't support on patron or anything. I'm kinda broke ATM.


I want to see Sidds mother get angry at Marrow and start a fight!  :D


why not? IT would be epic haha

It would be the end of that world

Okay I desperately hope I'm wrong here but I feel like when Marrow finds out about Cole using magic he won't take it well at all


Right?! I'm mentally prepping for that moment. Part of me wants Cole to just tell him because I want that father son bond to grow, but part of me want him to not do that because I'm worried Cole is gonna get disowned. 


where can i get tax evasion 101


(1 edit) (+5)

Love the VN so far, great story and characters. Can't wait for the next update, but with that said will we ever see what's under the knight commander armor ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? (what he said to Cole and what noodle saw made me really intrigued)

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