Repeat - Version 0.6.9 Public Release

Happy New Year guys! Sorry for the long wait, the last few weeks have been a stress-filled hurricane for me, but I finally managed to get the update out! This update's scripted totaled up to 33 pages, the largest update I've written in a while. Hope you all enjoy it!

After this update, Sissel's story will be taking a backseat while I focus on Owen's Route. Thank you all for supporting Repeat, none of this would be possible without you <3


  • Save buttons are now bigger and more accessible! Android users, rejoice!
  • 4 New modified versions of pre-existing Hershel sprites.
  • Redrew 2 of Hershel's old sprites from scratch (because frankly the old versions sucked and I was too embarrassed to use them).
  • 3 New naked versions of Sissel's sprites.
  • 2 New Owen Sprites (in hindsight they're slightly off model and I plan to redraw them in the near future)
  • 2 New sprites for new characters!
  • Sissel's Route Part B: Day 12 is now 65% complete!

Files 429 MB
Jan 13, 2020 427 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Repeat-0.6.9-release.apk 463 MB
Jan 13, 2020
Repeat-0.6.9-linux.tar.bz2 431 MB
Jan 13, 2020

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69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yay, more updates!! Now if only i had time to play it!! DX

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I Gotta Admit, Although This Timeline Is Kinda Messed Up, It's Better Than Facing Something Worse. It Was Funny In The End Actually.. Looking Forward To Owen's Update!

Don't Tell Me Jenny Really-


Awesome Shirokoi, thank you for this!