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Hello! It's been a while since my last update in Over the past few months, I have been overhauling all of the sprite artwork in Repeat, as well as several of the more atrocious off-model illustrations with anatomy issues.  Writing wise, I've also gone through the whole VN and tweaked certain scenes, dialogue, and fixed up a lot of typos etc. It's been quite an ordeal, but I hope you guys enjoy the new polished look for Repeat!



  • All 204 sprites in Repeat have been overhauled, including all of the main characters + side characters.
  • Several new shirtless/nude sprites for Sissel and Owen.
  • Owen now wears a jockstrap instead of regular underwear for plot reasons.
  • Owen's shower lewd scene on Day 2 has been overhauled with 2 new illustrations.
  • Sissel's post-volleyball shower scene on Day 3 has been overhauled with 2 new illustrations.
  • Owen's post-swimming lewd scene on Day 3 has been overhauled with 2 new illustrations.
  • The art for Owen's blowjob scene towards the later part of his route has been overhauled, now with 100% more ass.
  • Euca's (Main Protag)'s student ID card has been redone so that I die inside slightly less when playing through the beginning of Repeat.
  • The photo that Mrs. Corlisse hands you at the tail-end of Sissel's Route B was supposed to be illustrated but was cut from earlier builds due to time constraints. This has been drawn and retroactively added to the game.


  • Adjusted Repeat's dialogue box UI and placed the Nametag box in a separate window. The dialogue box is now more opaque for easier reading.
  • Replaced the sound effect "slam.wav" and "bump.mp3" with new sound files that no longer blow out your eardrums.
  • Added new sound effect "plop.ogg" that is much gentler and will now be mostly used for the small stings of character jumps instead of any of the harsher sounding ones. Granted, the harsh sounds will still be used when appropriate, but it's much less frequent.
  • Combed through the entire VN and made various adjustments to the dialogue, sound effects, added character themes to certain scenes, and more dynamic sprite usage and animations. TDLR; sprites are now more lively and move more in scenes.
  • Added the note "Heavily WIP" to Phillip's Route choice so that new players are aware of its current status.

Notable Story Changes:

  • The majority of grammar issues (especially verb-tense agreement) has been fixed for the whole VN.
  • Adjusted Euca (the main character)'s dialogue to make his distress when left alone a little more obvious for plot reasons.
  • The Lorelei family is mentioned more frequently in the early parts of the game.
  • Halley's dialogue throughout the VN has been adjusted to be less edgy.
  • Various wishes' dialogue has been tweaked with better foreshadowing. The Edelweiss flower's riddles have also been adjusted in accordance with Owen's route rewrite.
  • Most of the Days received small dialogue changes here and there that don't feel like a lot, but eradicated a lot of the cringy feel of my early writing. Most of the scenes remain unchanged, but I've cut/rewritten most of the worst lines of dialogue so hopefully Repeat will feel a little more polished as a whole.
  • Phillip no longer hugs you on Day 2, and this scene has been rewritten and adjusted to better fit his character.
  • Day 4 is guilty of a lot of issues from my older writing. I really don't like how it almost frames Phillip in the wrong for asking for space and setting boundaries when it came to Owen's sexual advances. Many of these scenes have been rewritten to fix these issues, along with adding character-building moments that bring up their respective backstories and explore how it affects their decision-making.
  • On Day 6, I've completely rewritten Owen's scene at the food pantry in the community center. The previous iteration felt very cartoonish, with people hating on Owen with unrealistic and silly reactions. It basically felt like Owen had a kick-me sign but the scene took it 100% seriously. The new rewrite is a little more light-hearted, with Owen giving a little more family backstory. Also horny. There's room to add a public exhibitionist lewd scene there if I have the time in future updates.
  • Morse's dialogue has been tweaked in certain parts of Owen's route to make him sound less like a jerk, and now leans more towards a cold/distant tone.
  • Certain distasteful jokes have been removed. Some parts of this VN did not age well.
  • Certain Sissel lines have been adjusted to make him slightly less self-pitying at times.
  • Certain early Owen dialogue has been adjusted to make him less overbearing/annoying. Slightly.
  • Various lines have been rewritten/better worded, particularly in the early parts of the game where my writing skill was lacking.
  • 200+ fixes to typos, text spacing errors, and grammar issues. (Special thanks for Crestfallen Crumpet, Hoofie, Zatchy, and Clear Rays on my Discord server for reporting all these issues for me! QWQ)
  • Fixed a certain important Jinny scene in Sissel's route where illustrations were semi-transparent for incorrect durations.
  • Fixed several instances where character sprites would incorrectly change between shaking animations.

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I got this bug!


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/day3.rpy", line 198, in script

    show sissel surprised with shaking

Exception: Parameter 'new_widget' is not known by ATL Transform.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "game/day3.rpy", line 198, in script

    show sissel surprised with shaking

  File "renpy/", line 1443, in execute

    renpy.exports.with_statement(trans, paired)

  File "renpy/", line 1684, in with_statement

    return, paired, clear=clear)

  File "renpy/display/", line 2762, in do_with


  File "renpy/display/", line 3325, in interact

    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, pause=pause, pause_start=pause_start, **kwargs)

  File "renpy/display/", line 3676, in interact_core


  File "renpy/", line 462, in __call__

    raise Exception('Parameter %r is not known by ATL Transform.' % k)

Exception: Parameter 'new_widget' is not known by ATL Transform.




Sun Dec  4 17:02:14 2022


Happened after we gave Dolores the Nutcracker.

(1 edit)

Shiro is at fault for making me addicted to VN's in the first place, and I have NO REGRETS except for not checking it out earlier.


i just played through it again and my gosh ive played a lot of VNs and i have to say yours just really was enjoyable i adored the charachters, especially owen he's like an adorable himbo but his story was so interesting. And personally i prefer these sprites more so ty for updating them! 


This is not a bad comment against you , but i prefer old art xD they are too much buffed now xD i'm a little twink lol so this look strange to play student bodybuilder 


This is all made by one person!? Making all the art is enought to make a team go crazy. Writing every route so well must take ages, and on top of that, all the coding work??? Shirokoi, you are truly amazing! Can't wait for the future updates, thanks for all the hard work :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow. This VN was my first one. And i can say that i'm sooo glad to see this back on course :D I love the stories, all of them. They're all so... tragic and deep... So many questions unanswered, so many details, it's amazing ! I truly am delighted to see that it's not abandonned because this VN has so much potential... Thank you very much for providing this amazing story, i can't wait to see the next update !! 


...i spent 6 hours (no joke) last night just reading through and catching up. i havent even finished yet, but i for one appreciate the new character sprites a lot more than the old ones. now everyone looks like theyre not in, you know, elementary school. i still found a fair few typos throughout, but its definitely better than it was before. i wish i had the funds to be a patreon supporter, but until then, mad props shirokoi!


i forgot how do u get the owen dream secne, whatever u call it


You mean the one with the paper cranes? You support him on Day 4 after Phillip runs off, and he鈥檒l give you the paper crane to photograph later.


thanks :)



I'm fucking screaming I can't. this is everything ever and I'm so happy this hasn't been totally abandoned. 

Omg yeweeesssssssssssssss

(3 edits) (+8)(-2)


They're a bit too beefcake, look the same and sissel looked better in the original (Why does the poor hungry look jacked?)


his old sprite kinda looked like zyzz before working out


(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Now he looks like Zyzz after the drugs

Edit: I still prefer the old one

Omg yes, I am so happy to see a new update! ^w^




Noooooooo, the jokes


myeh, I more like the previous sprites 馃槥


they went through all the hard work of redoing the elementry school looking characters  just to get people to complain XD I cry on behalf of shirokoi

Interesting that everyone suddenly started looking like they're from a Marvel comic. There's powers and magic in the vn so it kinda works.

Im very happy it got a update il play it as soon as i can. I had alot of fun with this game before


Kinda I have mixed feelings. Although I can't tell how greatful am I, but I'm also scared if I download I lose the previous version. The novel was on hiatus and I progressed the story in my own head. I want to read it RIGHT NOW and I also don't. :( But I'm sure I will read it after a while and I'm sure that I going to cry for more and more and more. <3

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