Repeat - Version 0.7 Public Release

This screenshot of Owen perfectly encapsulates my mental health nowadays. But hey, I got the update out! There may be a change of plans in Repeat's development soon, so stay tuned for a future development blog. I haven't been doing very well personally these days, unfortunately. But I hope you guys enjoy this new update of Owen's route in the meantime!


  • 12 New Owen sprites (well technically 4 with 3 different outfit variations)
  • 4 New Samuel sprites
  • 3 New CG Artworks
  • Redrew the 2 Owen sprites from the previous update. They should now be more on-model!
  • Owen's Route Day 10 is now 70% complete.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There have been some minor retcons to Owen's Route Day 10. I recommend replaying that day to refresh yourself on his plot and see these new scenes.

Retcon scenes are as follows:

  • Added CG artwork to the scene where you first see Samuel on Day 10, after your investigation night.
  • Added CG artwork to the scene where you first see Owen on Day 10.
  • Slightly tweaked the phone call with Morse on Day 10. Made more a little less callous and sarcastic. 

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I am nearly finished with all the content thats been given so far and i was kinda pissed when Sissels got more content than Owen and Philip(Philips route is so short right now).

But  it explains that until day 15 in Sissels route, it shows that it was only a "part" of the main story since they went back in day 9. Still confused why day 14 is like (..........................).

Imagine a Samuel route


He has a route, it's hidden. If you want  to play it just type "Owen Cut Content" when echo ask for your wish on day 5 (I believe it still works for this version)