Temptation's Ballad - Version 0.2.2

Aaaand here's the new update! Thank you all for your patience throughout all this time, I can't express how much I appreciate y'all QWQ

As some of you already know, I'm currently shifting my development efforts back to my other VN project, Repeat. I've spent the last few months overhauling the hundreds of sprites there while dabbling in a few Temptation's Ballad updates in between. Build 0.2.4 is currently up for Patreon folks, fully concluding Chapter 3. I'll be slowly releasing the updates to the public over time as I make more VN progress. 


  • 38 new pages of story for Chapter 3
  • 6 new illustrations!
  • 3 new Marrow sprites
  • 6 new Hamish sprites
  • 1 new Calder sprite
  • 1 new Agatha sprite
  • my anxiety


TemptationsBallad-0.2.2-pc.zip 150 MB
May 28, 2022
TemptationsBallad-0.2.2-mac.zip 133 MB
May 28, 2022
TemptationsBallad-0.2.2-linux.tar.bz2 139 MB
May 28, 2022
temptationsballad.vn-202-universal-release.apk 153 MB
May 28, 2022

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Wonderful work so far~


i feel like Artemi's celestial magic is actually light, but because of her mother and since her power is tied to emotions, her having lightning powers are a sign of how emotionally unstable she is. i believe her celestial powers would become more stable, and warm like sunlight, as she grows as a person


New update is great, but the news that repeat is coming back is even better. Hella stoked for it.

i wanted to play the new update yersteday but i ended up playing throught the all game instead cause i couldn't bring myself to skip. In the end i stopped playing late at night just before the beginning of the new content XD. 

Anyone else on Android having issues installing the newest public build? It just keeps telling me it won't install.

Uninstall the original game to install this update. (I assume he lost his token or built the apk on a different pc)

Hooooo~ lesgo!!

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

wow anxiety is one of the coolest updates you made so far
also are we ever gonna get a scene for cole and polar bear-kun 


...I'm just gonna go ahead and cry now, m'kay?


I guess an update can't end without Cole being a dumbass can it? :(