Temptation's Ballad - Version 0.1.8

Hello everyone! I just want to thank you all again for your unending patience with me. Most of my VN development plans kinda fell into a pit along with my mental health these past few months, but I'm slowly climbing my way out! Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy what I've written for the beginning of Chapter 3. ;w;/


  • 37 new pages of story for Chapter 3
  • 4 new illustrations!
  • 3 new sprites for Sidd
  • Half a new sprite for Cole. Sorta?
  • 7 new sprites for a new character
  • 7 new sprites for another new character
  • 5 illustrated items for end-of-chapter glossary
  • 2 new glossary profile artworks for Marrow and Hamish!


TemptationsBallad-0.1.8-pc.zip 114 MB
Jun 14, 2021
TemptationsBallad-0.1.8-mac.zip 96 MB
Jun 14, 2021
TemptationsBallad-0.1.8-linux.tar.bz2 102 MB
Jun 14, 2021
temptationsballad.vn-108-universal-release.apk 115 MB
Jun 14, 2021

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5 stars great storytelling

(1 edit)

hey! i noticed a few typos so far towards the end of the build, where 'tome' is misspelled as 'tomb' (unless the arcane researchers are also necromancers with deceased alchemists as spirit patrons, following after some real-world examples of ppl actually doing that, which is... also fuckin rad) and 'curtly' misspelled as 'kurtly.' also love the work put into the story and that sweet sweet character growth #wholesomehamish


I liked Hammish before but this update has catapulted him to one of the top slots for me. He is such a kind father, I really hope Cole starts to go to him for magical help at some point.

23 years old huh? A thief stole some research, possibly 23 years prior? Has the build of Hammish and even some innate spellcasting ability? Interesting.

its a tough world we live in sometimes, and we got to keep each other and ourselves alive any way we can since nobody else is gonna do it! <3

Great new content as always! Your well-being should be your first priority among anything else. You can always get some fresh air and take things slow :>


Most of us are selfish,  but look I would say get better but that would be just me wanting you to get better for you can keep making your content. However, I do love this chapter so far. Character development is so good.

I wish you look for whatever you decide to do! If you ever want someone to chill with look towards your fan base!

-Ka / JokerCards


it's perfectly fine, don't worry about it. I just hope you are ok?
If you are don't force yourself too much. Your health is important just as Aural says.


hey you rocking dev, you, don't even worry we are just glad you're still around!


The most important thing is always your health, both physical and mental.


Glad to hear you're feeling better! You take all the time you need, it'll always be worth the wait!


Glad to hear your health is improving!🐊


Yeah let get in to it chapter 3