Temptation's Ballad - Version 0.2

Howdy y'alls! This update is probably my biggest artwise, with the most new art assets in a single update. These new animations really took a lot out of me, but I hope you enjoy it! There's a lot of action packed into this one.


  • 36 new pages of story for Chapter 3
  • 17 new illustrations!
  • 9-frame sprite animation for Reinier
  • 9-frame sprite animation for Sidd
  • Fight scene galore! 
  • more  p a i n


TemptationsBallad-0.2-pc.zip 145 MB
Sep 26, 2021
TemptationsBallad-0.2-mac.zip 127 MB
Sep 26, 2021
TemptationsBallad-0.2-linux.tar.bz2 133 MB
Sep 26, 2021
temptationsballad.vn-2-universal-release.apk 147 MB
Sep 26, 2021

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This is such a cool update! The spell effects and animations look amazing! 

Im on Android and when i installed the update it said the package was invalid, I've tried deleting the file and redownloading it but that's as far as my technical expertise goes. So does anyone have any help/advice?

Can someone Please help i really enjoy this game and want to continue it

This was an amazing update! Some of those fight scenes felt like they were animated. It was a great read! Can't wait for the next update :D


i love how artemi always calls sidd 'sir sidd' and cole just gets called fucking cole lmao


Even Noodle gets more respect from her than Cole xD


Still better than Calder


Not sure if I'm doing it wrong for some reason, but nothing I do seems to allow me to download the new update for the game. It keeps saying "App not installed" when it finishes the installinh process. It's happening for when I download on Android. Haven't had this issue before when downloading updates for this game, so not sure if it's just me, some weird glitch, an issue as it downloads, or what. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to resort to having to uninstall and reinstall the game. As I don't want to have to loose all of my saved data and progress made in the game. If I have to that's fine and understandable, but if I can avoid that I would greatly appreciate any advice or help in that regard if it can be done.

I installed the apk over ADB, maybe try that? It's seen as a "downgrade," so you'll need the -d flag. Why is it downgrade, idk. 

Thanks for the helpful tip. I tried it but it didn't really do anything, at least nothing I noticed. Although I could've done something wrong in the process too. Would there be anything else I can try before having to reinstall the game? Thanks again for the helpful tip and advice, I do appreciate it greatly.

The Android version of the update refuses to install... :(

I installed the apk over ADB, maybe try that? It's seen as a "downgrade," so you'll need the -d flag. Why is it downgrade, idk.


is   Repeat abandoned?


but yes

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It sounds like he is taking an extended break from Repeat to work on a project he is having more fun with in the meantime (This one); if he will return to Repeat is up to him

His most recent update to Repeat mentions that as well. I believe he will return to repeat once he has had a long enough break, but it really is up to him


Thank you for the hard work on this! It looks great so far!

thank you for the FOOD 

you the best

Thanks for the update 💘


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Great work, fantastic animations!

Love where Ilias character is going haha

les goooooo

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nice work on this updates ^^.